SKyPAC unveils Goodwin Dr. Robert & Pat Goodwin Art Gallery

Gallery honors Goodwins' $500,000 donation, displays Robert's bird carvings

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center unveiled its new arts center sign Tuesday morning, honoring one long-time benefactor family. 

SKyPAC revealed its all-new Goodwin Gallery sign, mounted above the lobby’s art center. 

Dr. Robert and Pat Goodwin recently donated $500,000 to the Arts Center. They and many others in attendance are longtime supporters of the Performing Arts Center. 

Part of the lobby showcases Dr. Robert Goodwin’s beloved artistry: hand-carved birds displayed for all to see. 

“I’ve always been a fan of the arts,” said Dr. Goodwin. “Just grew up with that. I got that mostly from my mother, I guess… I thought, ‘This is something to support,’ and the rest is just history.”

You can stop by SKYPAC’s main art galaxy to see Dr. Goodwin’s rotating woodwork exhibit for yourself.