Sky Arts Film Festival showcases 55 films from 5+ countries

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-For the first time ever, the Sky Arts Film Festival is taking place at the Capitol Theater downtown. 

The festival is showing dozens of films over the next couple of days ranging from narrative features to documentary short films to music videos. 

They had nearly 100 submissions from nine different countries, selecting 55. The films are from all over the world, including California, Germany, Brazil and Lebanon. 

It’s a great event for filmmakers to network with each other but also for the general public to come out and enjoy entertainment. 

“Really what makes these things successful is community support. If you want to come see a film, like if you think about the filmmakers that come to see this they get to see their film on a big screen, if there’s people in the audience that get to share that experience with them it’s really unforgettable,” said event organizer Andrew Swanson.