Sidewalk construction adding more walkability to area neighborhood

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Those who live on or near a specific area in Bowling Green can expect to see changes in walkability in the neighborhood.

Crews are currently constructing a sidewalk between Johnson Drive and Dennis Way. The streets that are affected by construction will be closed to normal traffic, and open only for residents of that area.

As of now, most of the sidewalk along Johnson Drive has been completed. Crews anticipate that this street will be complete around the middle of next week.

These new sidewalks are being constructed to create a safe alternate for those who prefer to walk instead of drive.

“It’s all to help the residents and the neighbors in that area, and that’s what we’re about. We want to make it safer for people to get out and walk, get exercise, be able to get to and from locations without having to drive always. It’s a short trip. It’s all about neighborhoods and helping to build neighborhoods,” said Bowling Green director of public works Greg Meredith.

As of now, the project is expected to be complete before Christmas.