Senator Rand Paul talks to Logan County community

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky.- On Thursday morning, U.S. Senator Rand Paul visited Logan County to discuss issues impacting the community. 

Many residents from the area attended the session to hear the senator speak. 

Paul said he COVID-19 restrictions that were put in place last year should be lifted soon. 

“I think it’s important that we get back to normal. And sometimes we do extraordinary things during extraordinary times. It’s very good as things come to a close to get rid of those restrictions. I think it’s about time we get back to normal. I think it’s time for the economy to be open, I think it’s time for the schools to be open,” said Paul. 

When asked what he thought about people being required to carry a vaccine passport to show proof of their vaccination, Paul said he doesn’t feel that aligns with American values. 

“I do think that the idea is that we will give people papers that they have to carry around. We’ve never really had that in our country. They had that in eastern Germany and in Russia. Present your papers or go to jail, present your papers or be denied access to something.

“I think it would be a real problem … . The other thing is there’s a large number of ignorant people who are saying the vaccine works but natural immunity doesn’t work. And if you’re going to tell us we have to be vaccinated, wouldn’t it be the burden of the government to say that we need to prove that we don’t have immunity,” said Paul. 

Paul encourages people to get the vaccine. 

He also talked about the next presidential election in 2024 and the future of the Republican party. 

“I think there will be a lot of people if President Trump doesn’t come back and run. I think you’ll see like 2016, 16 people probably on a big stage running again. It’s always important that the party redefine itself and just find who they are,” said Paul.