Sen. Rand Paul on Omicron variant, vaccine mandate

LEXI: We’re hearing about this new variant and it just landed in the United States yesterday. What are your thoughts on Biden’s response with travel restrictions?

SEN. PAUL: You know I think it’s too soon to know if we’ll need more restrictions or continue what we’re doing. What we need to find out is if the variant is more lethal or less lethal. Is this something that’s going to be very dangerous or more benign. I don’t think we’ll know that for a week or two so I think it’s premature to heap on travel restrictions. Every time there’s travel restrictions, less people travel and there’s a large economy in travel and tourism both here and abroad and that has a devastating impact when we add more obstacles to people traveling. So I think we need to wait and see. I think it’s a mistake to rush forward and put out a bunch of rules and regulations when we don’t yet know whether this will be more dangerous or less dangerous. 

LEXI: Staying on the topic of Biden…now his Build Back Better plan. Do you think this plan is good for Americans? If you don’t agree with it, what infrastructure bill would you propose?

SEN. PAUL: You know none of the bill we’re looking at now is real infrastructure. This is basically a wish list of free things socialized, what have you, you name it from daycare to college to cars to cell phones, you name it, it’s trying to give free things to people. But nothing in life is really free, it requires more borrowing. And as we borrow, how that’s paid for is the federal reserve prints up new money to pay for the debt and we end up with more inflation so when people go to the grocery store and see rising prices, they see rising prices at the gas pump, there’s a reason. Because the government is borrowing money to give you free things but they’re not really free. We’re all paying through them through inflation. 

LEXI: Switching gears now back to Covid, it just came out that the vaccine mandate was blocked in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, do you think the courts were right in doing that?

SEN. PAUL: The thing is the constitution doesn’t allow for the federal government to say what you can and can’t do in regards to your medical care so I think the courts are right in this, I think they’ll all be struck down. In fact one was struck down in saying hospitals have to do it, one has been struck down on OSHA so I think there’s eventually the Supreme Court, it’s actually gonna go to the 6th circuit which is Cincinnati and includes some Kentucky judges. But then it will go to the Supreme Court and I hope sooner than later. And the bottom line is we have to get away from this notion that the government should tell everyone in the country that they have to do one thing. Over 100 million Americans have had Covid and it’s not really fair for them to say oh you have to be vaccinated when natural immunity from having the disease is just as good or perhaps better than the vaccine.