Rand Paul touts Barrett’s SCOTUS nomination, discusses Senate’s coronavirus response

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Senator Rand Paul said Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a “great” candidate to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Paul made a stop at The Foundry in Bowling Green where he greeted children and spoke briefly to the press.

“You know, I think she’s a great candidate for the Supreme Court,” Paul said about Barrett. “She’s a mom. She’s a woman of religious faith. She’s a woman of great academic learning.”

Barrett’s Catholic faith and her position on Roe V. Wade have both led to questions during her confirmation hearings on whether she would rely on her faith to make decisions on the law.

“I think it’s important for people to understand what the first amendment is about. The first amendment is to keep the government out of religion but it isn’t to keep people of faith or religious people out of government,” he said.

Paul also briefly spoke about the national response to COVID-19. Paul also commented on how the Senate responded to the coronavirus early on in the pandemic. He said he wished the Senate could have come together more to tackle the issue and not make it so partisan.

“I think we get caught up in a lot of partisan contentions,” Paul said. “It is a natural sort of disaster. You know, when a flood happens we don’t say it was the Republicans’ fault or the Democrats’ fault. We just try to come together.”