SCK Drug Task Force: Crystal meth is flooding our region

It’s a killer and it’s right in our back yards. We’re talking about methamphetamine.

The South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force says they’ve seen more and more of it flowing through our streets.

“Our area has seen a significant increase in crystal methamphetamine,” Jacky Hunt, Director of the SCKDTF says. “It’s flooding South Central Kentucky.”

Just this past Friday, agents conducted a traffic stop on a Christopher Abney, 46, of Russellville, who they say was found in possession of 5.8 ounces or 165.7 grams of crystal meth.

“That’s about $16,500 in street value. That’s roughly about $100 a gram, is what it goes for on the street.”

Hunt says, a decade ago you would see what they call homemade meth labs where local individuals manufacture meth themselves.

As laws have changed and certain items became harder to get a hold of, he says crystal meth made in super labs in Mexico are now flooding our streets.

“The crystal meth coming in from Mexico and the south west states have entered our area and that’s all we see anymore.”

Hunt says it’s more vital now than ever that they work with agencies across the area to combat the growing threat.

“Our agency is made up of several different agencies and we work well with the [Bowling Green] Warren County Drug Task Force, the Barren River [Drug Task Force] and other drug task forces in our area and we do that because drug dealers don’t have borders.”

They also count on the public for help in keeping our streets clean.

“Reach out to your local drug task force,” Hunt says, “and be sure to give them tips because that’s how we catch a lot of these people is through citizen participation.”

You can reach the SCKDTF at (270) 725-4972 for any tips, questions or concerns about drug activity in your area.