Schools prepare to open with extra covid-19 sanitation

GLASGOW Ky.-School custodians are taking on a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Barren County School District in Glasgow is no exception, as the cleaning staff has been hard at work preparing for the return of students.

“We’ve been working with multiple reps to get quality products to come and sanitize our rooms and buildings and busses and classrooms in between transitions,” said Barren County School District director of pupil personnel Anthony Frazier.

In the district, all head custodians have gone through Covid-19 training.

During that training, cleaning staff learned about the virus and where in the school they really need to focus their attention, like high-touch areas such as doorknobs and lockers.

“We’re trying to go above and beyond what we’ve ever done before in the Barren County School District to make sure our buildings cleaned and disinfected,” Frazier said.

Unlike in the past when schools were cleaned after students left for the day, custodians will now be cleaning throughout the entire day, in classrooms, restrooms and gyms.

With the work of the cleaning staff and the district as a whole, the staff says coming together as a unified team is key in this fluid situation.

“I think all of our administrators and teachers and staff are just very excited to have students back on August 24,” said Barren County School District director of special programs Cynthia York.