Realtors camp out to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness 

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Realtors are camping out in Bowling Green this weekend to raise awareness about homelessness and hunger in the community.

It’s the first day of Realtors Hope for Homeless, a three-day event where both Realtors and business partners collect food, toiletries and donations to help those who struggle with hunger or those who are without a home.

Realtor Association of Southern Kentucky and HOTEL, INC have partnered for the event. HOTEL, INC works to fight poverty in the community, and the Hope for Homeless event has provided some of the largest donations of food that the company has received.

“We do have people in our community who have no home, and also have no food. That’s another big part of our event, it’s not just providing the food it’s trying to push awareness that people can do something right here to make a big difference in someone’s life,” said Beth Wheeler, 2019 Realtors Community Service Chair at Realtor Association of Southern Kentucky.

It’s the eighth year of the event, and it’s grown.

 “We have students and adults in our community who everyday have food insecurities. They are not sure that they’re going to get to eat that day. We have students that go home to no food in this area. It is a larger problem than any of us realize,” said Wheeler.

Realtors camp out in tents in order to get an idea of what the homeless experience in Bowling Green is really like.

“They don’t have a lot of electricity out here. It does get very quiet in the evening on Campbell Lane, believe it or not. So, they at the Realtors Association learn how to form their community together, to work together and to keep each other trekking through the weekend. We see that a lot in the homeless community out on the streets,” said Elizabeth Fielder-Hix, Housing Stability Coordinator at HOTEL, INC.

When it comes to food donations, some foods are better to give than others, “canned protein, meat and beans and things that will offer energy and keep people sustained throughout the day, of course, vegetables and snack type items,” said Fielder-Hix.

Last year the event raised more than 600,000 servings of non-perishable foods from sponsors and money collected throughout the weekend.