Rare find: Canadian Lynx captured

(WEYI) Wildlife lovers are excited after a rare lynx was captured in Michigan.

For more than 40 years bee keeper Joe Mccoy has enjoyed the serene and simple sounds outside his Harbor Beach home. He’s used to sharing his space with wildlife.

So on Friday Joe went to investigate after something killed a couple of his geese. He was shocked by what he found.

“On the other side of that fence there an adult lynx picked its head up and looked right at me and I thought I’m not going to shoot that I don’t care if he eats the geese or not,” Joe said.

Joe, his son and an employee set some humane traps, and the next day they caught their culprit.

“Just a beautiful animal. Big feet just something to see,” Joe said.

The Department of Natural Resources says this is the first time someone’s captured a lynx in the lower peninsula since 1917 in Oscoda County.

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