Quarantine Gardening: Grow What You Like

(NBC News) Americans love their food, and being home in quarantine for many has sparked an interest in gardening.

Experts say now is the perfect time to plant vegetables for a bountiful harvest.

Farmer Aaron Keefer says 500 square feet of land can produce about 20-percent of the food a family needs.

As for what to grow…

“You should grow the things that you like to eat,” Keefer says. “If you don’t like tomatoes, don’t grow tomatoes – if you like lettuces, grow more lettuces.”

If you put a little work into it, you’ll be surprised at how much a little plot of land can produce,” he adds.

To start, new gardeners can use seeds, but leftovers can also be used. A small clipping of lettuce can regrow enough for another serving in about a week.

And their are more benefits.

“If you grow your own food it sequesters carbon, and you are growing nutritious product that you pick before it loses any of its nutrition,” Keefer points out.

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