Pres. Trump Standing By Roy Moore

President Trump has thrown a lifeline to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Mister Trump said he doesn’t want the seat, vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to go to a Democrat, even if that means supporting a Republican candidate who is facing claims of sexual misconduct. 

Nine women have accused the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, of sexual misconduct. 

After saying nothing for more than a week, the President attacked Moore’s opponent.

Mister Trump said he doesn’t want to lose a Senate seat in a deeply conservative state that he won overwhelmingly a year ago.

The President said Doug Jones, Alabama’s former Attorney General, does not share his agenda.

The President’s remarks came after other Republican leaders condemned Moore’s behavior and called on him to exit the race.

The Democrats are now using the Republicans’ words to appeal to GOP voters.

A new campaign ad for Jones quotes the President’s daughter and other Trump associates, and urges conservatives to put their principles before their party.

Moore, meanwhile, continues to deny the allegations against him, and says their claims are false and politically motivated.