Police say caregivers’ abuse, neglect leaves Bowling Green woman dead

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At a home on Gary Avenue, a woman died after what police believe to be a case of abuse or neglect of an adult.

Jazzmyne Rose Fikes, age 44, was bedridden due to her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, according to her caretakers . Lonnie and Alexander Leonard were tasked with caring for her, but she was found dead Sunday morning on May 14. The investigation is ongoing and Bowling Green police as well as the Warren County coroner’s office are awaiting the autopsy report from medical examiners in Louisville.

Police are unsure of what transpired at this time but have taken the Leonard brothers into custody and have charged them with “knowingly abuse/neglect of an adult by person”, and though not all of the pieces are put together, police say Fikes was in very poor health. Fikes was severely underweight, weighing only 80 pounds and covered in bed sores. The most shocking aspect of her condition, wearing an adult diaper that was filled with maggots.