Police recruitment applications up 18% after recent hiring campaign

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Police Department is in the final stages of a recruiting campaign.

Last month, the police department held an open house recruitment fair for the first time ever. The department has also been running television commercials encouraging people to apply to be police officers and has been actively recruiting on the department’s and city’s social media platforms.

Over 60 people showed up for the event.

When it comes to job applications submitted for this hiring cycle, the department already has 18% more applicants than in the previous hiring cycle.

Chief Doug Hawkins said there have been around 130 applications since the open house and the applicants are beginning physical and mental testing, called Peace Officers Professional Standards  test.

Just yesterday, the department announced that two police officer recruits made it through the previous hiring cycle, Tevin Bryant-Barksdale and Poe Meh.

Meh is the City’s first-ever Karenni police officer recruit.

In the previous interviewing process over 110 people applied, 33 passed the pops test, and these two were hired.