Police arrest four people at two massage parlors advertised on sex forums

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Bowling Green woman is accused of operating a Dishman Lane massage parlor fronting for a sexually-oriented business.

Three other people are facing similar charges related to a Russellville Road massage parlor.

Acting on tips, Bowling Green Police researched several local massage parlors online. One of those businesses, Blue Sky Massage, had 39 advertisements placed under its phone number in the last 30 days on sites where commercial sex acts are advertised, according to an arrest citation.

Blue Sky Massage was specifically named in some posts, according to the citation. Police executed a search warrant at the business owned by Huadi Chen, 44, according to her Friday arrest citation. Customers at the business were all men that detectives saw leaving prior to the search warrant service.

She told police she does not perform sex acts on men but can’t help it if the men perform sex acts on themselves, according to her citation. Police said in the citation that Chen told them she pays a man she doesn’t know to advertise her business on the internet. She said she didn’t know he was advertising on sex forums, according to her citation.

A crime scene processor used a light source during the search warrant execution to look for evidence of semen in the massage rooms. The processor found what she believed to be semen on beds, floors, light switches and walls, according to the citation.

The sheets on the massage beds were dirty and brown in the areas were people would have had to lay their heads, according to her citation.

An employee at the business said the sheets were washed every two weeks. Chen and the employee do not have massage therapy licenses, according to Chen’s citation.

She was charged with promoting prostitution two or more prostitutes, second-degree wanton endangerment and practicing massage therapy without a license, according to her citation.

In the Russellville Road massage parlor, operating under the name Lavender Massage, three people were charged Saturday.

Lu Yuanying, 46, of Bowling Green, is charged with practicing massage therapy without a license and engaging in organized crime; Li Jionggang, 55, of Bowling Green is charged with engaging in organized crime, promoting prostitution two or more prostitutes and practicing massage therapy without a license and Lu Caiyuan, 54, is charged with engaging in organized crime and practicing massage therapy without a license.

Police said in Jionggang’s arrest citation that Lavender Massage is a popular destination on local sex forums where the business is advertised. All three arrested denied engaging in illegal activities. Jionggang said he pays someone to advertise his business but does not know the name of the person he pays.

Police had cited two of his employees for giving massages without a license on Wednesday and saw that the business was open again on Saturday. After watching the business for a week, police saw only a male clientele.

All four people arrested were lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail.