Pets & Plants: Know The Dangers

(KPRC) It might be the perfect time of year to go outside, walk the dogs or do some gardening, but many types of plants and mulch can be toxic to pets.

Sago palms, daffodils and azaleas; these plants can be poisonous, but many people overlook more than the plants and flowers.

Monica Schmidt with Houston Humane Society says cocoa mulch is even more toxic to dogs than chocolate.

“Pets are getting a very, very concentrated amount of the toxins whereas with chocolate, you know it’s usually a part of the active ingredient versus being the entire ingredient,” Schmidt says.

It smells sweet to them, so they’ll likely want to go right to it.

“Especially dogs, they seem to like explore as much with their mouths as anything else. They’re kind of like having that the human equivalent of a toddler,” Schmidt says.

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