Pet of the Day: Sassy

Are you searching for a new fuzzy friend to add to your family, we have the perfect kitty for you. For today’s Pet of the Day, brought to you by Morgantown Bank & Trust, we’d like you to meet Sassy. Despite her name, this sweetie is anything but Sassy!

She’s one year old but has already been a mama. Sadly, her kittens have all been adopted, while this cutie is still searching for her forever family.

The Humane Society would like to remind you, however, that when a young, new cat mom’s kittens away, it can cause the cat to get sad or depressed, so be sure to spend lots of time and be very patient with her in the adjustment period of bringing her home.

You can change Sassy’s life by adopting her today at the Bowling Green, Warren County Humane Society.