Pet of the Day: Kitten Season!

If you’re looking for a baby to light up your life, now is the best time for you to stop by the shelter! Kitten season is usually defined as the months between April and October. This is when shelters typically see the highest intake of kittens, and our local shelters are no different!

For today’s Pet of the Day, brought to you by Morgantown Bank & Trust, we learned about kitten season with the help of some fuzzy friends.

The best way you can help combat the rise of babies is to spay and neuter your animals when they hit the appropriate age. And if you’re driving down the road this summer, watch out for any tied-up plastic bags as they occasionally have kittens inside. Lastly, if your cat is about to be a mama and it’s your first time with newly born babies or if you just need support, you can contact the Bowling Green, Warren County Humane Society for advice and tips.