Pensacola shooting “An act of terrorism”

(NBC News) The F.B.I. is treating Friday’s deadly shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station as an act of terrorism.

The gunman has been identified to as 21-year-old Mohammed Alshamrani, an aviation student from Saudi Arabia.

Investigators say he opened fire inside a classroom on the base, killing three people and wounding ten others, including two sheriff’s deputies.

“Our main goal right now is to confirm whether he acted alone or was he a part of a larger network. We currently assess there was one gunman,” FBI Special Agent In Charge Rachel Rojas said Sunday.

Among the dead was Ensign Joshua Watson from Alabama. His brother wrote on Facebook that Watson directed first responders to the gunman, despite being shot several times.

Airman Mohammed Haitham of Florida was also killed. His former high school principal called him “salt of the earth.”

“He wanted to give back and he wanted to do good things, and I just felt like he was headed in that direction,” principal Erin Savage said.

Investigators have not revealed what may have motivated the shooter. Law enforcement officials tell NBC News he used social media to criticize American support for Israel.

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