Pastors push for “Greensboro Massacre” apology

(WXII) Religious leaders gathered Tuesday morning to ask for a formal apology from the city of Greensboro, North Carolina and its police department days ahead of the the 40th anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre.

The 1979 Klan-Nazi shootings in Greensboro left five protesters dead and nearly a dozen others injured.

Religious leaders said they are “calling on the general community to recognize hate-filled violence cannot establish common ground and respectful racial relations.”

“Without acrimony directed at current city government, in particular the Police Department, the pastors will call on the City of Greensboro to issue a formal apology, acknowledging the complicity of the 1979 police department’s advance knowledge of the confrontation and lack of life-preserving action to prevent violence,” a release said.

Klansmen and Nazis were acquitted in two criminal trials by all white juries. The city eventually lost a wrongful death lawsuit and was ordered to pay $350,000 in damages.

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