Parkway extension projected to bring economic boost to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Kentucky is investing in infrastructure and economic growth through the extension of Southwest Parkway into the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park.

The road extension will allow for better traffic flow and access for companies located within the park.

“The traffic congestion is getting more pronounced, so having another entry exit point is going to greatly improve that as well as our shipping, getting parts out the door and getting them on the road to our customers,” said Michael Wright, plant manager for Kobe Aluminum.

The goal of the expansion is to allow industry in the area to expand creating more jobs and revenue for the city.

“I’ve seen communities that have opportunity and they don’t cease those opportunities. So, it’s really easy to help a city like Bowling Green because Bowling Green helps itself,” said Kentucky Secretary of Transportation Jim Gray.

Roughly 4,000 jobs are currently supported by businesses in the Industrial Park.

“When you have a growing community like Bowling Green has been for several decades, then people look to this area for job expansion because they look for new employees and if people are moving here then they have a new group of people that they have access to for potential employees and what that means is kind of, success builds upon success,” said Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson.

The park is estimated to have an economic impact of over $12 billion to Bowling Green’s economy over the next decade.

“When a company is looking to make a facility location, Bowling Green is prepared and ready. There is enormous value in being prepared,” said Gray.

The scheduled completion date is September 2020. Once complete, Southwest Parkway will be roughly 5,500 feet long.