Par Makers Golf Tournament’s 55th year in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- More than 100 golfers will be in Bowling Green this weekend for an annual summer tradition.

It’s a tradition which traces its roots back more than 50 years in Kentucky’s black community.

Dale Spearman is a master barber at the Shake Rag Barbershop in Bowling Green. This will be his second year playing in the Par Maker’s Golf Tournament at CrossWinds Golf Course this weekend.

For Spearman, the tournament is not just about winning the game. It’s also a reminder of a time when everything was much more complicated for black people living in Kentucky.

“It was generated probably in a time when blacks weren’t allowed to be on golf courses. A group of fellas at that time put it together, and wanted to have their own golf course and their own golf tournament.”

Both old and young players will take to the course this weekend. Some of the original golfers from the very first tournament, still show up ready to put their club to the grass.

“You get a chance to meet some of the older gentlemen who’ve been playing in the tournament since day one. They’re 80 years old, and they still have a love for the sport, and they’re still there today playing again.”

The two-day event tees off at 8 a.m. for Saturday’s first round. The event will conclude Sunday.