Owners of Judy’s Castle announce their retirement

Today is a sad day for the local community.

The king and queen of Judy’s Castle have announced they are stepping down from the throne.

Although many hearts will be broken, their lasting impact on the community will remain intact.

Judy’s Castle is a well-known eaterie in town.

It first opened in 1967 and its current owners have served the community for 24 years.

The owner, Felicia and her husband Paul co-own the restaurant.

They are the second owners of the restaurant in 50 years.

However, they have decided now is the time to move on.

From WKU students to longtime residents, everyone served knows the service, atmosphere, and food is reminiscent of home.

That’s what Felicia and Paul pride themselves on.

Now they plan to focus on their family and spend time with their grandchildren.

Even though their plate-sized pancakes and hearty welcomes will be gone, the relationships they’ve built will always remain.

Felicia and Paul have also announced they will be auctioning off the establishment.

This will allow anyone in the community interested in the restaurant to have a chance at owning it.

They do hope whoever takes over keeps the restaurant going.

The auction will be on October 15th at 1:30 pm.

Best of wishes to Felicia and Paul and thank you for everything you did in our community.