Over 14 dogs rescued from camper, humane society at FULL capacity

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-“Just by the conditions outside and around the camper, we knew that it was not going to be good,” said Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society Adoption Manager Leah Lawrence. 

Over 14 dogs were rescued from a run down camper where they were living partially with their owner in Edmonson County. 

“We could see the dogs up at the windows trying to get out, panting, that they were kind of crammed in there,” said Lawrence.

One dog, sadly, survived only a few days after the rescue. The remaining dogs are now at the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society, and are not in the best shape

“Almost everyone that we got from that situation has some sort of medical issue. We’ve got several that have large patches of hair missing, from flea infestations, they’re all very thin,” said Lawrence. 

The humane society is asking for donations for the dog’s medical care. 

“When we got the call about this particular case, we had one open kennel in the entire facility,” said Lawrence. 

These dogs add more pressure to an already overflowing humane society- now in a ‘Code Red’ status. 

“Truly probably the worst year I have seen maybe in my 24 years here of being at the shelter,” said BGWCHS Executive Director Lorri Hare. 

Kennels that would usually have one or two dogs are housing six or seven dogs. 

That number is causing problems. They are a no-kill shelter, but they have to euthanize dogs that show any aggression. They have had to euthanize this week because of aggression shown in crowded kennels. 

“You know even the best of dogs, some of my personal dogs, if they were kenneled with six, seven, or eight other dogs, they are going to be food bowl aggressive, so it’s vital that we try not to house that many together but right now we have no choice,” said Hare. 

They are asking anyone who is able, to please adopt… and hopes everyone will continue to educate others about spay and neutering pets.