Operation Santa Dash brings joy to people around the city

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you saw Santa, the Grinch and Snoopy riding around today with the Bowling Green Police and Fire Departments, you may be wondering what was going on.

A Christmas parade put on by the city of Bowling Green and Santa Claus himself brought a little bit of holiday cheer to the area.

Kids around the city were excited to see Santa riding around with the Grinch and Snoopy during Operation Santa Dash.

The goal of the experience, to spread Christmas cheer to the people of Bowling Green, according to Courtney Stevens, one of the coordinators for the event.

“I hope that they know that their city loves them, and that Christmas is still alive and that hope is still real even though we are all kind of tired of not getting to see each other,” said Stevens.

Canzada Harbison heard the music playing and came outside to see what was going on.

“I think it’s a really good thing this year because a lot of kids can’t go see Santa this year because of it, and a lot of parades got cancelled because of it so little things like that make the Christmas season a little brighter,” said Harbison.

Santa brightened the days of men and women in senior living homes waving and spreading a little bit of Christmas cheer.

“These are special and enduring kinds of times and we have to go the extra mile and make sure that nothing keeps people from having the opportunity to experience a little bit of magic of Christmas,” said Stevens.

A bit of Christmas magic and fun for all ages.

This is the first year for Operation Santa with plans to do it again next year.