One Step Closer: FDA Set To Approve COVID-19 Vaccine

FDA review of data found Pfizer's vaccine is safe and effective at preventing symptomatic coronavirus infection. NBC's Sarah Dallof reports.

(NBC News) — Pfizer and Biontech’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate is one step closer to approval in the United States after a review of data by the Food and Drug Administration found it’s safe and effective at preventing symptomatic infection.

In a 53-page briefing document released ahead of Thursday’s FDA advisory meeting, agency scientists also revealed even a single dose appears to provide some protection and that the vaccine has met “success criteria” for emergency use authorization.

In the United Kingdom, where it’s already been approved, a British grandmother was the first to roll up her sleeve.

Still, health experts caution the United States is headed into a difficult winter.

“We’re getting those staggering numbers of new cases and hospitalizations, before we even feel the full brunt of the Thanksgiving holiday,” notes Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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