Old friends reunite yearly, dressing up in Christmas costumes and visiting Santa

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-“We’re all big kids and reliving our childhood,” said Matt Freeman.

A group of old friends getting together for lunch has now turned into a festive, yearly, costumes-involved tradition. 

“We had the bright idea to say let’s go see Santa, ha ha ha, and that’s how it kind of got started,” said Freeman. 

Every year, this group of guys who have now been friends for 20 years, dress up in a Christmas- themed costume to have lunch. 

“Walking into Pub everyone did not know what to think. Everyone just stopped eating and stared as we walked to our table,” said Chris Baker. 

“I was the last one there and everyone’s like your group is back there,” said Joey Sylve. 

“A mom came up with her son and she’s like, sorry to interrupt but he wanted to meet y’all and it was probably the best part of the day,” said Freeman. 

From Uncle Eddy in Christmas Vacation, to Buddy the Elf, to the Home Alone robbers, the group is quite a sight.  Of course they get a picture with Santa after!

“It’s just fun to see a group of 10-11 adults come in and want to sit on Santa’s lap,” said Seth Bailey. 

The friends met working in the bar scene in downtown Bowling Green in the early 2000s. Life has changed since then…now they are husbands, fathers, business owners….but they will never lose their friendships. 

“Our lives have gotten busier and everybody’s got their own thing to do: family life, married life, it’s just nice to revisit one day out of the year with the people you have grown with,” said Bailey. 

While they’re having fun just as if they were kids again, they spread a little holiday cheer to others too. It’s been the same Santa every year they get their picture taken, and they wanted to show him a little appreciation for putting up with their antics. 

“Joey wore a Vikings hoodie. And Santa started poking fun at him for being a Vikings fan so we asked him what fan he is. We went to the sports shop in the mall and  bought him a Browns t-shirt and took it back to him and that’s how it …it just keeps growing every year. Something new and different every year,” said Freeman. 

Can’t wait to see what they do next Christmas. 

This year they also sponsored a few kids on the Salvation angel tree.