Oklahoma’s “Lime Lady” Identified

DNA evidence helps investigators identify woman found mummified in a powdery mixture of lime along the banks of the Canadian River in April of 1980

OKLAHOMA (NBC News) — In a bombshell announcement Thursday morning, investigators with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office have announced a crack in the 40-year-old mystery of Oklahoma’s ‘Lime Lady.’

On April 18, 1980, two fishermen found the body of a young girl, covered in a lime powdery mixture along the banks of the Canadian River near Jones.

But rather than decompose her body, the moisture of the river caused the lime to preserve the girl’s body. That gave investigators a clear view of a heart tattoo on the young woman’s chest, who they believe had been murdered 10 days earlier.

They also found three bullet holes, as well as a dime in the woman’s body. Investigators believe it was in the woman’s pocket when a bullet lodged it into her chest.

Her face was nearly perfectly preserved as well, leading to a series of sketches over the years, but her identity remained a mystery – until a phone call in December of 2019.

After testing a minuscule amount of DNA, four decades later, ‘Lime Lady’ has a name…Tamara Lee Tigard.

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