North Jackson Elementary invests in new robotic kits for students

GLASGOW Ky.- Students at North Jackson Elementary in Glasgow will have a new experience this fall that is sure to get their gears turning.

The new experience will be provided by Vex IQ robotic kits. The kits were purchased from Project Lead The Way, which is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide stem learning experiences for students.

The eight kits were purchased by the North Jackson PTO, and they come with everything the students need to build their own fully functioning robots.

The lab instructor at North Jackson elementary Tina Sharp said the Vex IQ robotic kits will play well into what the students are already learning.

“They’re going to be super stoked about these. They get to stay in the class, so we’re going to be able to use them more often. We’ll be able to incorporate them in their computer science courses. It just really is going to give them a chance to apply what they’re learning in science and coding and apply it to a real world example,” sharp said.

Before the Vex IQ kits, the Barren County school district let the school borrow Lego brand kits. The Vex IQs can now stay in the classroom permanently.