Nonprofit, churches band together to help the homeless population in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At Room in the Inn, the nonprofit has just started its emergency winter shelter season.

The shelter is looking out for the homeless population in Bowling Green during the cold months.

They also give out a lot of socks, big coats, underwear and gloves to help the homeless population stay warm.

The Room in the Inn partners with churches in the community from November to March to help out as much as possible and provide shelter.

Some in need can get dinner and a cot, breakfast in the morning and a shuttle back to the location.

The effort can help the homeless as they have to move periodically.

At the same time, Bowling Green’s mayor Todd Alcott met with several nonprofits, who said they’d like to see the city take a more active role in addressing the homelessness situation. Alcott responded by proposing a $4 million plan.