No guts, still gory? Students dissect fake frogs

(WFLA) Students at a high school in New Port Richey, Florida are the first ever to dissect synthetic, man-made amphibians.

SynDaver is a developer of synthetic human and animal models used for education and surgical simulation. The company unveiled its synthetic frogs at J.W. Mitchell High School on Wednesday.

The body of the “SynFrog” mimics live tissue, for a realistic dissection experience for students.

Founder and CEO Dr. Christopher Sakezles, an engineer, explained the benefits of these replacement frogs in the classroom.

“The students can learn about anatomy. Comparative anatomy, basic anatomy, introductory anatomy, and get the experience of a live animal without harming a live animal, or a formerly live animal, or being exposed to the hazards that are associated with that, which is biohazards and carcinogenic chemicals that are used to preserve the animal,” Sakezles said.

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