New medication offers postpartum depression relief

(WESH) Monique Dorman is handling mom-life well, but when her son had just been born, she was overwhelmed.

“I remember one time, specifically, he was crying. And like I said, I just felt this, you know, like, the blood just ran up to me. And, you know, I was just so anxious. And just, you know, and I knew that wasn’t normal,” Dorman said.

Dorman had postpartum depression and, like most, was prescribed an anti-depressant.

The medication took weeks to kick in, but a new Food and Drug Administration-approved medication claims to resolve postpartum depression in less than three days.

Michelle Kenlein is one of the first women in the country to take Zulresso, which requires medical supervision and a hospital stay.

“Morning one, I had energy, which, mornings were awful for me. Getting out of bed was near impossible,” Kenlein said.

She had not just anxiety, but postpartum anger, which included thoughts of harming herself and her babies.

When the treatment was over, she said she wasn’t the only one who could see the difference.

“That evening, when I came home, I sent you the picture my husband took of me because he was like, ‘Wow, I have my wife back,'” Kenlein said.

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