New Alzheimer’s medicine approved by FDA, UK reaction

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A new drug for those with Alzheimer’s has been approved by the FDA.

“This medicine’s not going to be for everyone, the FDA and the Center for Medicare Services have made that quite clear in the approved package label that was released yesterday. This medicine is only for those with mild memory problems (what we call mild cognitive impairment) or folks that are in the mild stage of Alzheimer’s,” Dr. Greg Jicha from the Sanders-Brown Center for Aging at the University of Kentucky says.
Lecanemab, or Leqembi, will now be covered by Medicare and other insurance plans.
“People do need to be aware that there may still be a co-pay, your standard Medicare copay, especially if you do not have a Medicare supplemental plan that covers your co-pay. So that’s very, very important,” Dr. Jicha says.
One Commonwealth resident had the new drug tested on him at UK, and as a former physician himself, he was honored to be able to try it out.
“It was really a good opportunity to be part of something that can improve life for many, many people.” Jim Jackson says.
He’s hopeful for the future of this drug and is happy to recommend it, but Dr. Jicha doesn’t want to stop until a cure is found.
“We are going to continue to work. We are not going to give up. We are not going to rest on laurels. This is the beginning. It’s the first crack in the wall,” Dr. Jicha says.