Nearly half of Metcalfe County School students will learn from home

EDMONTON Ky.-There has been a lot of discussion about schools re-opening, and come Monday, another district opens its doors for another year.

The Metcalfe County School District will welcome back 52% of students who have opted to attend in person, while the remaining 48% will learn from home.

Thursday was opening day for the Metcalfe Schools staff, where everyone worked to prepare for the big day. For those students returning, safety guidelines like temperature checks and masks will be in place.

While COVID-19 has created hurdles, Metcalfe County Schools Superintendent Josh Hurt said the district has become more unified than ever.

“The level of enthusiasm is through the roof. The people are excited. There’s obviously some nerves, but we can’t wait to get back in the building on Monday,” Hurt said.

The district has purchased 10 Wi-Fi boxes, which they’re now attempting to place in community areas to make Wi-Fi hotspots.