Morgantown unveils new free shuttle bus and bike-shares

MORGANTOWN, Ky.-The city of Morgantown celebrated a major transit update Thursday. It’s going to be the first city in Kentucky to have a free transit shuttle bus, and the only city in the region with city-wide bike-shares.

At the Morgantown-Butler County Chamber of Commerce luncheon, the mayor announced wide-spread upgrades to city structures and transit. It’s all part of a new campaign to draw more visitors and residents to Morgantown.

“We’re marketing ourselves just like Bowling Green, Glasgow and anywhere else. Just because we’re small doesn’t mean we’re not professional,” said Morgantown Mayor Billy Phelps.

U.S. Congressman Brett Guthrie was instrumental in helping the city obtain the shuttle bus. Guthrie spoke with the mayor about the city’s needs back in October.

“I told him we’ve got an aging community. I need transportation to get these people back and forth. The next day his office in Washington D.C. called me,” said Phelps.

Rural transit enterprises coordinated, a public transportation company in eastern Kentucky, provided the donated shuttle bus.  The Mogobikes are from Koloni, a company that helps small towns have bike shares.

The free shuttle bus will take its first ride May 1.