Metcalfe gets new sheriff

METCALFE COUNTY, Ky. – Lonnie Hodges of Metcalfe County was sworn in Wednesday night as the county’s next sheriff, but later found out he cannot run for sheriff on the Republican ticket in the next election.

While Hodges was helping make funeral arranges for his late boss, Sheriff Ricky Brooks, who passed away last Saturday, the Metcalfe County Republican Committee selected a different candidate for sheriff to run in November.

“I was only made aware of it an hour after I was sworn in that the candidate had already been named, so no other Republican candidates had the opportunity to put their name in the hat for an opportunity to get on the ballot, which to me doesn’t seem fair,” Sheriff Hodges said.

The Republican Committee selected the committee’s secretary, Charles Costello, to run for sheriff on the Republican ticket.

Hodges can still run as an Independent or a write-in candidate if he chooses to.

“It just doesn’t seem like that is the way we do business in this country in any type of election. I’ve never heard of this. If that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is,” Sheriff Hodges said.

The deadline for filing for the November election is Tuesday, August 13th.