Metcalfe County Schools extending a helping hand through FCC initiative

EDMONTON, Ky.- A local school district is extending a helping hand when it comes to helping students get reliable internet service.

The Federal Communications Commission, commonly known as the FCC is offering a program to help students and families afford home internet service.

While this program isn’t affiliated with the Metcalfe County Schools, the district is extending the help through a $50 monthly benefit for anyone enrolled in the Metcalfe County School system.

Metcalfe County High School principal Clint Graham said this is a valuable resource, and he hopes all who need it in the area take advantage of it.

“Here in Metcalfe County Schools, we want to make sure that we bridge every gap for our students, and make sure there are no barriers for students. When looking at education in this day and time, internet at home is a valuable tool to be used while completing school,” Grahamn said.

To get involved, a series of questions will be asked, such as your full legal name, address, and you’ll need to input some identification credentials. To apply, follow this link.