Metcalfe Co. Emergency Mangement educates on emergency alerts

EDMONTON, Ky. – Nearly a week has passed since Corey Hart, a former marine, has gone missing from Edmonton. Shortly after his mother filed a report Sunday, July 10, Metcalfe County’s Emergency Management Department began to work his missing person case issuing a “green alert”.

We spoke to the Metcalfe county’s EMD director, Emory Kidd, who further explained what lesser known alerts like “green” are.

  • Green Alert – a veteran who has mental health concerns such as PTSD, anxiety and/or depression is reported missing
  • Golden Alert – adult 18 or older with verified mental or cognitive impairment is reported missing
  • Golden Alert D – a minor (17-years-old and younger) with developmental issues is reported missing

Kidd tells us it is not required in the state of Kentucky to wait any amount of time to report a missing person and urges everyone to pay close attention to all alerts in order to help maintain a safer society. While Amber Alerts are spread wide via cellphone, road sign and weather service, Kidd said alerts such as Green and Golden rely mainly on media coverage.