Memorial honors memory of Little League coach Rick Kelley

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Around 100 people held a memorial today for Rick Kelley, who served as a Little League coach in the community for over four decades.

Kelley was a coach for Bowling Green East Little League, a team that reached the Little League World Series three times in the last eight years. 

The memorial honored Kelley at 1 p.m. at Kereiakes Park, where friends, players, former players and family gathered to share stories and release balloons.

Janna Goodnight, a friend of Kelley’s, said, “He made sure that our Little League here at Kereiakes was strong. He cared. He played a part in every decision made.”

Former player in the 2017 12-year-old All Stars Jake Napier said, “He was a little more strict than most Little League coaches, but it was probably for the best. Everybody learned life lessons from him.”

Messages were written on hats for Kelley and hung on the fence surrounding the baseball diamond.