Meet Bowling Green’s New Year’s baby

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Medical Center at Bowling Green welcomed a tiny addition to the world,  the 2021 first New Year’s baby born in Bowling Green.

“It was definitely shocking, exciting, to start the new year with something so pure and new and tiny,” said Amy Graves, the mother of the 2021 Medical Center at Bowling Green’s New Year’s Baby.

Welcome to 2021 Letty Jean Graves.

Weighing only 7 pounds and 20 and a half inches long, little Letty was the very first baby born at the Medical Center at Bowling Green born just after midnight at 1:19 a.m. Jan. 1.

It was an extremely short labor for Letty’s mommy, Amy Graves, with Letty making her appearance two and a half weeks early.

With her mother going into a three-hour labor at 10 p.m., the little girl was nearly born in 2020 instead.

“My mother-in-law said that to me multiple times while I was contracting that I had to wait until after midnight. I was like ‘OK, I’m going to do my best here,’” said Amy.

Letty’s birth made a family of three become a family of four.

The baby’s father, Luke Graves, is mesmerized by the addition to his family.

“It’s exciting for sure to have her. Our little boy is a mama’s boy. So, a little girl will be, maybe she’ll be a daddy’s little girl and be good as well. I know she came out and looks absolutely beautiful,” said Luke.

The most exciting part of the whole story? Amy is a nurse where she had her baby, at The Medical Center in labor and delivery.

“I work with amazing people like these women and doctors and men they help do amazing things or families all the time so it’s awesome to get to share such an experience like the birthing process is so empowering and it’s beautiful and it’s scary and just to have these awesome people help me through it you know and know their friends especially when our families can’t be here,” said Amy.

Mom and dad are over the moon with their new tiny addition and will hopefully take her home Friday.

The Medical Center provided the family with a teddy bear and a $100 gift card to Target as a congratulations for Letty being this year’s New Year’s baby.