Med Center Health offers babysitting clinic for kids age 11-17

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A new opportunity for kids age 11 to 17 will allow them to learn skills necessary for babysitting.

Med Center Health is hosting a babysitting clinic at their WKU Health Sciences Complex.

During this 4 hour session, they will be taught important lessons like how to change a diaper, how to properly apply first aid and more.

However, these skills won’t just come in handy during their adolescence.

“Hopefully these are skills that they can carry with them, whether it’s when they’re babysitting, or whether they have their own children down the road; just basic skills that we don’t always naturally have. If we don’t have younger siblings or we’re not around children, these aren’t things that we always see, so these are just great things to incorporate adolescents with,” Sarah Widener, Health and Wellness Director at Med Center Health says.

The clinic costs $30 to attend, including materials needed for the course and a tote bag.

It will take place on June 14th and July 20th from 9-1.