Med Center Health keeps up with capacity for COVID-19 patients

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Med Center Health has had to increase COVID beds.

As of Wednesday, Med Center Health has 52 COVID-19 patients that are staying in the hospital. 

Dennis Chaney, Med Center Health’s Vice President of Ancillary Services says they are seeing the effects of social gatherings over the past holiday. 

“We obviously are seeing the effects of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We started seeing that last week and over the course of the week and into this week. We’re continuing to see folks who are really sick,” said Chaney. 

Chaney says they have had to increase the amount of beds they have available for COVID-19 patients. 

“Just with the situation being so fluid, having the capacity to stay ahead of that [is crucial]”, said Chaney. 

And for the first time, the general public can go online and see the capacity that each hospital in the area is at. The report displays data for all hospitals that are registered with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. You can find that information here