Man travels to Bowling Green (& 50 states) for down syndrome awareness

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. 

Meet bubbly, 2-year-old Sebastian. 

“I would describe Sebastian as the sweetest little boy that you will ever meet, he is perfect just the way he is and just like any other little boy he loves to play ball, he loves to swing he is just perfect,” said Sebastian’s mom, Emily Johnson. 

And a special visitor came to meet Sebastian today in honor of the month. 

Rodney Smith Jr. is the founder of the non-profit Raising Men and Women Lawncare Service. 

“Back in 2017 I came up with the idea of going to all 50 states and mowing for different causes,” said Smith Jr. 

He’s stopping in each of the 50 states to meet with a family and mow their lawn- his 14th trip around the country doing so.

“I’ve raised around $20,000 for different causes. So whatever cause I’m mowing, I have a different customized lawn mower. So for this upcoming mowing tour I’m mowing for down syndrome and breast cancer. So I’ll auction them off and give all the proceeds to organizations associated with those causes,” said Smith Jr. 

They hope the special trip and the ‘strip’ of lawn that they mowed together help raise awareness for down syndrome. 

“Down syndrome isn’t something to be scared of especially if there’s a new mom out there, something with a new diagnosis, that Sebastian is great and there’s nothing to be scared of,” said Johnson.