Police release the name of a man found dead in front of stranger’s home

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A man was found dead on the front lawn near the road of a stranger’s home on Glen Lily Road in Bowling Green.

When police arrived, they located Gregorio Alberto Jimenez (27) shot multiple times, according to police.

“Everything that we have investigated so far doesn’t lead us to believe that the victim had any ties to the people that were in the house to which, in fact, he was found in front of,” said Bowling Green Police Officer Ronnie Ward.

Police received the call at around 10:03 Thursday night but believe the shots were fired closer to 9:15 P.M.

“That’s 45 minutes that has elapsed that we are now that much further behind in the investigation. So yes, it is true that minutes matter. If there is a suspect escaping, that is a 45 minute head start that they’ve now gotten or your evidence is now 45 minutes older,” said Ward.

Detectives are currently looking for witnesses and for cameras that may have caught cars driving by in the area around that time.

One neighbor said the incident was scary.

“It emotionally impacts me a lot because I usually walk to school in the mornings and I walk home in the afternoons and I walk through that area a lot if I want to go somewhere and I don’t feel like riding with my parents. I walk a lot too. So, it is kind of scary. It makes me not want to leave the house at all,” said Madelyn Highsmith, a neighbor.

If anyone knows anything about the incident, you are asked to contact BGPD.

The body was taken for autopsy in Louisville Friday morning.

Thursday night into Friday morning crime scene processors were investigating the scene.