Man arrested after setting a fire that critically injured another man

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Fire Department was called to a structure fire at Rockway Court Apartments on Vine Street last Wednesday, November 3.

Neighbors were concerned that someone might be inside and firefighters saved a man from the blaze, but he was severely injured.

Fire officials received a tip the following Wednesday stating that the fire was intentionally set.

When fire officials met with the resident of the apartment, Brad Mcelwain, he initially told them he was arguing with the victim but did not intentionally set the fire.

Then, he told officials he did intentionally set a towel on fire while the victim was in the shower because he was mad, according to his citation.

Then, the release said, the fire got out of control.

The victim was flown to a Nashville trauma hospital where he is being treated and is considered in very critical condition.

Mcelwain is charged with first degree arson and first degree assault and is now behind bars at the Warren County Regional Jail.