“MAGA Pigeons” descend on Las Vegas

(KSNV) An otherwise-normal flock of birds was let go in downtown Las Vegas Tuesday, on the eve of a crucial Democratic presidential debate.

However, to anyone paying attention, these birds had something very strange atop their bobbing heads: customized “Make America Great Again” hats. Only one of the pigeons was different, fitted with a small orange hairpiece meant to mimic President Trump.

The group behind the stunt is called P.U.T.I.N, an acronym for Pigeons United To Interfere Now, and according to their peculiar release sent out late Tuesday evening, they are anonymous underground radicals and their pigeons are trained.

The group’s founder, Cool Hand Luke, says that the project came at the end of months of “exhaustive research, logistical hurdles and pigeon care taking,” adding that the release date was coordinated to serve as a sign of loyal support for President Trump.

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