Lyft offering discounts as DUI laws get stricter

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Overnight in Frankfort, Senate Bill 85 was signed by the Speaker of the House.

Senate Bill 85 increases the penalties for DUI offenses.

It was also delivered to Governor Matt Bevin for his signature on Thursday.

According to WLKY, if Governor Bevin signs Senate Bill 85 into law, it would increase the amount of time a first-time offender’s license is suspended from a minimum of 30 days to six months.

The suspension could be lowered to four months if offenders pay for an ignition interlock device, which prevents a car from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath.

With St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, the Safe Ride KY Coalition is offering Kentuckians $20,000 worth of Lyft discounts offering an alternative to impaired driving this weekend.

Individuals can claim $10 off per ride for two rides for a total of $20 in savings by entering the code: saferideky2019 in the Lyft app and ordering a ride between 10 a.m. on Friday and 5 a.m. on Monday.