Love On The Menu: Setting Your Valentine’s Table

(NBC News) Romance is in the air and this year, more than ever, we long for love, intimacy and spending time with the ones you love.

Nothing speaks louder than a candlelit dinner for two in the way of a Valentine’s celebration, and a menu filled with aphrodisiac foods can enhance your love life.

Personal Chef Jill Aker-Ray has created an easy four course dinner packed with super foods that will “enhance” any evening.

It starts with oysters on the half shell.

“Oysters contains zinc, and zinc increases testosterone, so not surprising that this is a love food,” Chef Aker-Ray says.

Garnish with a simple mignonette and pop open a bottle of bubbly to start off your meal.

Then, follow with an arugula salad topped with pomegranate seeds, a libido booster and stress reliever that sets the scene for the main course: An almond and Parmesan-crusted salmon.

“It’s full of Omega-3 fatty acids it elevates your dopamine, which is fantastic, and then almonds are packed with nutrition, but they also raise your testosterone levels,” Aker-Ray says.

And what is Valentine’s Day without chocolate?

Fondue can add to that lovin’ feeling.

“Strawberries are really great for vitality,” Aker-Ray says.

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