Logan County Chamber of Commerce to lease vacant lots for events in downtown Russellville

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Photo: Logan County Chamber of Commerce

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – The Logan County Chamber of Commerce says it entered into an agreement Wednesday to lease two lots for future events.

According to the chamber, the agreement is with Deborah Hirsch on behalf of the Sadie Nauy Charitable Foundation to lease the vacant lots located at the corners of Fourth Street and Main Street at 102 N. Main St. and 103 S. Main St.

During the lease, the Chamber says the property will be used for events in downtown Russellville. This includes summer concert events and the Tobacco & Heritage Festival.

In the next weeks, residents can expect to see the walls surrounding these lots removed before dirt is placed for a green space. However, the chamber says the parcels will still be for sale throughout the lease agreement.

In a release, the chamber stated, “It is our sincere hope that the City of Russellville and county of Logan, and its residents, will benefit from this agreement.”

The Logan County Chamber of Commerce says it will hold complete control for the usage of the properties unless they explicitly state otherwise.