Locals worry about family, friends and travel in Florida amidst Hurricane Ian

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Local residents in Bowling Green are rethinking travel plans to Florida, and are worried about loved ones getting the brunt of Hurricane Ian.

Jennifer Cary and her family were planning to go to Sarasota on Friday for her high school senior daughter’s last fall break. 

Their original flight was canceled and they’ve been rebooked with vouchers. Cary says she has no idea if that flight will stay on. 

She said she’s most concerned about her friends and family in the Sarasota and Naples area. They were planning on meeting up on their trip. 

“Our friends in Naples are hunkering down right now, they were not given evacuation orders so they’re still there. And we’re making contact and they’re okay so far,” said Cary. 

Cary is also hoping they are able to get refunded…initially the company said if they can’t make it, their deposit is gone.